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Moonshell: A Mermaid Game is a strategy puzzle game for 1-4 players.

Play as a mermaid to shift the tides in your direction, collect valuable seashells, and create a stunning collection.

We raised $26k on Kickstarter in 2021, and late pledges are still available!


Play as a Mermaid!

The game features a rotating central ocean board filled with colorful seashells of different types. Each player will get a treasure chest board to display their collected seashells and a mermaid character with a unique special ability.

Collect Colorful Seashells

Each game will have five open objectives, as well as the option to add secret objectives that only you can achieve. The objective card options and variable starting boards means each game is unique for tons of replayability.


Build Clever Patterns

Create your seashell collection by:
rotating the board,
pulling seashells toward you, and
collecting them onto your treasure board.

Combo and overlap patterns of different shapes and colors to get the highest score. May the cleverest mermaid win!

What's In the Box

      • 4 mermaid boards
      • 4 treasure chest boards
      • 1 ocean board
      • 1 tides token
      • 48 seashell tiles
      • 4 moonshell tiles
      • 24 sea urchin tiles
      • 1 seashell bag
      • 32 objective cards

*base game components, subject to change during the campaign as we unlock stretch goals!

Which Mermaid Are You?

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